The Story
The Folklore
This quite simply is the wondrous story of Norge Hollow. In particular the gnomes of Norge Hollow. Well, that and the rest of the people of Norge Hollow. To be utterly candid, this is about Norge Hollow and all of the folks that dwell there. A more unique place has never existed, and a more out of the ordinary group of beings has never lived in one place... or so they say, whoever they are. Prepare to be swept away to this little hamlet and see the sights, smell the flowers and meet everyone from Norge Hollow.
Norge Hollow is a calm little place tucked away between two soaring mountains. Here all things are possible, as dreams become reality and life is pleasantly peaceful. The gnomes aren't the only individuals that call Norge Hollow home; there are others, even humans! What is certain of this modest village is that the people care about each other. Then again, there are those that are neither quiet nor peaceful, and can be plain rude. Hey, this is just like your neighborhood and mine, except Norge Hollow has gnomes, and that makes it special.

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Xaak Doyle
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